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“Use our app?”

What app? I found a link to a website with a list. Was expecting an App Store link to a searchable thing where you put in your zip code or something

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How long do you work aboard each yacht? Do you hop around cooking on different ships all the time, or stay for a season? Who provides all the hardware: you bring your own kit, or do the owners have to provide the right tools?

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I’m imagining needing a specific kitchen gadget, and not having it, and being stuck out on the water with no way to get it. Like a cheese grater or something, which is super important every time I cook for my 2 y.o.

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Is that a picture of your tumor ovary? Why is it also named Amanda?

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Have nicked my knee with a chainsaw, removed part of my fingertip with a table-saw, suffered “multiple corneal abrasions” twice, and severed a nerve in my thumb. Nothing compared to breaking my leg (compound fracture). Something about bones is just special