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grandyo12 karma

This is a super interesting post! I've seen a couple race-related questions already just scrolling through but I have a question that is a bit...twisted? Let me know if its out of your paygrade ahaha.

I am a 24 y.o woman of east asian descent and I've never really had problems dating but I really struggle with the idea of "white worship." Growing up in an asian-heavy bubble I only dated asian men but after I went to college and got a job, I started dating white men. It's almost impossible to escape judgement from the asian community if you are a woman dating a white dude and its something that I've seen starting to make my relationships really toxic. I realized I have become extremely harsh to the white men I go on dates with, analyzing every little thing they say to make sure it's not racist or fetishizing, nevermind that if an asian guy said the same thing I wouldn't care at all.

I guess my question is just that, how can I address the anxiety I feel from dating interracially? Do I just care too much what others think? Is the asian community the racist one? I'm just really lost on what to think of the whole toxic environment surrounding interracial dating (especially white/asian) and have a feeling I've passed on several what could have been great realtionships because of it. Please help.