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OMG. This is a thing? I didn’t know this was a thing!! I fix everything, and find real joy in it. Not to mention less waste & cost savings.

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Why don’t you just buy a new one?

How do you know how to do all this stuff (as a woman?)

I’m so glad their are others!

grandiosediminutive16 karma

My favorite thing to fix is my house. 😂. I have so many projects, tools, repair ideas. Repairing some broken blocks on my house currently.

I have just got to the point where my instinct is always to fix first and replace last. When it doubt their is usually a YouTube video to help.

Paint, stain, sanding & refinishing is my favorite. I also LOVE patching putty, epoxy, etc. the best part is making it look like it was never broken.

I didn’t know this was a movement, and now I need to get involved. I’m glad I stumbled on this AMA! Thanks.

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Isn’t it funny how that works? 😁 I’ve grown quite attached to mine.

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I hear it from both sides, tbh. Women even more so. I don’t mind being a resource.