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I am a PhD microbiologist who has worked on dairies, specifically methane production in dairy “lagoons.” It is an extremely difficult industry - for the cattle, the farm workers, the owners, and the environment. I would give up all cow-derived dairy in a New York minute if you can come even close to the cheese experience. Have you considered culturing mammary gland cells and producing milk that way (probably a pipe dream)? Also, I need non-dairy milk and cream and I will be a very happy person. Yes, I’ve tried the nut milk etc., but it just doesn’t do the job. Are you considering trying to crack that nut so to speak?

Automod: I hope this is sufficiently “questiony” for you such that this post is not deleted.

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Well, I appreciate your efforts and will repay them by purchasing your product.

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So since you don’t know the industry you feel fine eating cheese? It’s still the same industry. At least I’m working on improving the environmental aspects of it.

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You need to add an /s if you want the downvotes to stop. They think you’re serious.

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I agree. Stick with your principles.