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How does OLE still work? I can't think of anything else that complex and old that still runs.

We've got a legacy piece in our application that uses it and I can build against it using .net 4.0, in an Azure pipeline and deploy to windows 10 hosts and a piece of 90s technology still works perfectly.

How and why?

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I'm perpetually surprised by how little the rental car industry cares about minor damage. I had a good sized rock chip in the window of the last one I returned to National, probably a little bigger than can easily by filled with resin. I pointed it out to the checkin agent, she said "ohh, i better get that looked at", literally glanced around for a second and then said "there's nobody here to do that, don't worry about it".

Of course stuff like that is partly why they get my business. Being able to pick my own car and checkout on my phone puts them head and shoulders above renting from Enterprise.

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No, they removed the right to get a blood test about 10 years ago.

Was too much of an out if there wasn't a doctor nearby. In parts of the Scottish mainland the police might have to drive you 1-2 hours to the nearest hospital for the blood draw.

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True, but generally it's hard to find an NHS nurse at 2am anywhere other than a hospital.

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I'm not sure I'd go so far as "almost always". In my experience it seems to be a unique American thing and I need to take proof of it when renting in Europe.

Amex Premium Rental Car Protection is my favorite primary one. Granted i've never had a claim on it, but it seems to work in Europe where my State Farm coverage does not.