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Do you regret the MetaFilter debacle?

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What case(s) made you the most sad?

Which made you feel most vindicated in your choice of career?

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That is terribly sad. Thank you for being willing to share it. It must be frustrating to know about these cases and also read people being so judgmental/misunderstanding against people caught in these situations.

Sometimes going into a job, you don't realise you're about to become an observer of detail that will inform the rest of your life but you can't be directly involved with. Makes us appreciate those who can do it and do it well all the more, I think. Nice to know they're out there.

I hope you get many options for your next step and get the most fulfilling one. What do you think you might do next?

Thanks, by the way, for even briefly being part of caring for people in these situations. Helping even briefly is still helping.

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Hi! Thank you for all you did!

What do you think of the many war-based video games, especially those that focus on WWII?

And, bonus question, any chance you remember a Robert "Bob" Sivers? He was my grandpa, and he was also at Battle of the Bulge and Normandy.

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I was just thinking yesterday on my way home from my desk job that one of the best things about the video is how it shows that creativity unleashed really has no boundaries - there's a great song, there's compelling choreography, there's this amazingly scientific art, and everyone is happy. So, so happy. And it's lovely to see.

Thanks for showing what can be done when you stop thinking it has to stop at just one outlet. Really splendid and enjoyable for creator and consumer/appreciator alike.