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I love how serious you guys are about this.

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Did you notice any difference in sales after Giantbomb's TNT video? Because I wanted to get one right away.

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Hello! The title is quite vague, so could you please specify what game it is? I'm a big fan of the boardgame one. If that was you, congratulations!

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That's awesome! I'm glad I browsed at this time. I'm a game designer as well and The Resistance is one of my favorite. I spend this New Year's playing it with mostly non-gamers.

My questions are:

-Why did you choose Print and Play for its first release? Did the good feedback help to convince a publisher that it was a good idea to invest in it?

-Why is the second edition's box that big? The components feel really solid but I can't carry it in a pocket now.

-In my experience the people who think they're good spies never fail the first mission. Have you noticed patterns like these?

Much love from Portugal!

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Absolutely agree, apps are a great way to learn. The setup is done for you and you can see the turn flow without having to decipher the rulebook.

Can't wait!