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gp_gone_insane7 karma

I've always wanted to know how close I came to dying!!!

So, I worked for an appliance company that had about 20 delivery trucks on the road every day. I received the trucks at the end of the route. Despite credit cards existing, we'd collect tens of thousands in cash every day. During peak season (end of June), they would double the weekly pickups because the massive safe was too full.

The process was that we would leave our little cage/room, and the Garda guys would open safe and collect. One guy stayed in the truck, one guy waited by the door outside and the other guy went inside.

The building's exit had a double door. I was very used to guy waiting outside. However, on this occassion, he was between the doors. Without knowing he was there, I kicked the door open and it nailed him. He swung around and pointed a shotgun at me, before realising I wasn't a threat and he backed off. I was extremely apologetic and had just shat myself.

So, how close did I come to getting dying? I laugh about it now, but who knows?!?