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Robert, you are probably my sister's favorite radio person ever, and today is the very day of her birth. Her name is Chelsea. It would be awesome if you could wish her a happy birthday!

PS, we both love Radiolab a ton, and I've kind of got the hots for Jad. So Jad, don't feel left out! :)

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What kind of stuff do you do day to day? What kind of degree is needed to get into your field?

No pun intended.

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Thanks for the link. I have no blanket opposition to faith based charities, but it sure is disappointing to read that they wouldn't welcome a perfectly capable and willing volunteer just because they're in a non-hetero relationship. I wonder if they have any policy on trans folks. If they did I'm sure I'd be just ss unhappy to read about it.

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That is a REALLY good explanation. Thanks!