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Maybe I can answer this for you. ISS astronauts connect to a NASA computer on earth via remote desktop and surf from there. This allows for maximum security, but a speed test would produce results for that NASA machine, not for the actual connection to space.

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Do you see any way end to end encryption for emails (e. g. PGP) would ever become mainstream?

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I have seen about a million products that promise weight loss while doing nothing.

  • What makes you more credible than these?
  • What kind of professor are you, other than the jack of all trades described in your post?
  • Why does the website look like every single other weight loss scam site?
  • How long will I have to browse it until finding an actual price tag?
  • How were these 50 years of science spent? On the material? Or on the general idea of weight loss by cold?
  • Since you're a scientist, what are your scientific publications on the topic, and which papers printed them?

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Or state...

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Do you like every ape you see, from chimpan-a to chimpan-zee, or are there some you despise?