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This is a general, somewhat philosophical question about 24/7 role playing:

Let's say you start playing a 24/7 role and you stay in the role for the rest of your life. Then it isn't a role, right? Its your identity. Roles seem to be defined by the fact that you envision the possibility of an end to playing them.

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I'm curious about the role of culture in the development of sexual preference and pedophilia.

As I understand it, there have been cultures that essentially condone sexual contact between adult men and boy/girls 15 years old or younger. Such behavior was/is fairly widespread in those cultures (I'm no historian, so perhaps its a misconception regarding how common it ever was). It seems unlikely that different cultures would have so much biological variation that would account for the differences in their frequencies of pedophilia. So, are we to believe that the desire is just as common as it ever was (and just as common in various cultures) but that modern Western cultures do a better job of requiring people to suppress these desires? Is there evidence of culture shaping patterns of desire (and, if this is true, and we accept the analogy that pedophilic desires are similar to hetero or homosexual desires, couldn't culture cause those underlying desires to fluctuate also)? Or, if the rates of pedophilic desires in a society are that different from another, what accounts for this?

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I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about how people react to you and your condition, once it became more physically visible. What types of things do well-intentioned people say to you or do for you that you would rather they not say or do? Describe your ideal interaction with a new acquaintance (do they just not mention it at all until you mention it?). And thank you for starting this conversation! It has been really nice to see so many people in the comments sharing their experience and compassion.

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I also have AS and take biologics and have been following the research on Covid-19. In particular, I've been wondering what I should do if I contract the virus: should I stop taking the biologic or keep taking it? The last I read, the Rheumatology Association of America was leaving it up to individual rheumatologists to make that call, which meant there was no clear evidence yet that it helped or hurt. I think the general rule had been to stop taking your biologics immediate when you learn that you have an infection of any kind, but there is research that supports your reasoning here. If you have any or find any additional info on this, keep me posted! Thanks!

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Let's say you wanted to preserve some of your documents. You want them to remain private while you're alive but you want others to be able to access them after you die. The problem with password protection, as I see it, is that once you die, the password dies with you, and then others cannot access the documents easily. Is there an easy way to keep documents private until you die? What would you recommend?