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Hey Jill:

I myself am not a chemist. I only have a high school level of understanding about chemistry and biology.

It was explained to me that each person in the United States produces waste. The average American produces the following per year:

  • Nuclear: 10 USD quarters (in mass and weight) of nuclear waste a year.
  • Coal and Fossil: 10 tons (3 to 4 cars worth) of waste via gases with coal.

Spent nuclear fuel can be slightly reused, but a big factor is that it takes 100,000 years to "cool down." That's why we need to store it. To contain it from leaking into the environment. Nuclear waste is a bad thing, but it is under control.

Coal and Fossil fuel waste cannot be contained. It's easy to dismiss it because it's not plainly visible on what is produced. It goes right into the environment. It is out of control.

Solar panels require 3 things: a computer called a controller, solar panels, and batteries. All are highly toxic to soil when buried. Also, these 3 components have relatively short life spans. Right now, solar is to delicate and just doesn't produce enough for the cost for the average person.

With these factors in consideration, I feel nuclear IS the best option we have.

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Computer: Whatever, Daddy.

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Same question, 34 year old male, trying to move out of IT Administration.

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Any dates for CS50 in New Jersey?

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Also, am I allowed to show folks CS50 to explain concepts in the following environments:

  • Tutoring (for free)
  • Hackathons / Group get togethers, non profit.
  • Business presentations. (not making a profit on the sniplets I would use, but it is to show clients core concepts in a simple manner.)