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For number 3, I can tell you from experience that it takes about 9 hours to do half a lap, if you're stopping at a pub outside each station for a pint.

And then you fall over.

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We had a similar situation here in the UK at the 2015 election, with the Labour leaded Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich in perhaps a slightly awkward manner (I think just a bad photo), and the Murdoch press using it as a stick to beat him with over and over again. They don't argue against policy, they argue against personality, and a false media-constructed personality at that.

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  • When will the Guardian become a full 7-day operation and completely replace the Observer brand? Given the recent change to "theguardian.com" in the hunt for a bigger worldwide brand reputation, should we expect The Obeserver to be quietly left to rot?

  • Why did your daughter choose to change her surname when she joined the newspaper? Were you and her worried about the potential for claims of nepotism whilst the newspaper pointed out the nepotism amongst politicians and their family employees?

  • Do you think there is a maximum price that people will pay for a daily newspaper? Prices for broadsheets have been increasing at well above inflation for a good few years now, and there surely must be a point at which it becomes too expensive.

  • How long do you think print will last in the UK, at least for the broadsheets?

  • Will the guardian be putting up a paywall at any point? I've noticed that comments on the subject by various GMG executives have been becoming more open to the idea, and definitely moving away from the earlier rhetoric of always being free. Is this the sign of an eventual failed business model?

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You and I have very different interpretations of the word "compelling".

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Making it a bit more legible:

  • How do you deal with seeing morbidly obese people eating lots of fast food. Have you ever tried to cut someone off or not taken their order? We don't deal with it unfortunately we can't tell people they can't order food

  • What made you want to do an overnight shift? How do you managed the interference it must have with your social life? I work overnight so my kid doesn't have to go into before/after school care.

  • Do you think you'll stay working at McDonalds indefinitely? Does anyone critisize you for working at McDonald? No I won't be here forever, people critisize it all the time, at least im earning money.

  • You said you don't eat much McDonalds, do you just avoid junk food or is there a different reason. What is good food in your books? I don't eat it much becuse i'm around it 40 hours a week.

  • If you could change anything about McDonalds, what would it be? Being able to bring your kids in at 2:30 for food. they should be sleeping

  • Have you ever been to USA (or anywhere overseas for that matter) and had McDonalds? How do you think it stands up? I have, wasn't a fan.

  • Have you ever been working when the place has been robbed? No I haven't thankgod.

  • What do you do in that type of situation? What about if/when fights break out? We call the police.

  • What's the funniest thing you've seen working at McDonalds? drunk people getting mad at chairs/windows

By the way, kudos on choosing to do night shifts so you can take/pick up your kid from school.