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Hi Bob! I'm doing stand up and writing half-hour specs but I live in Florida. I know I have to move but which city is best for pursuing a career in comedy? Chicago for its improv? New York for its stand up? Or LA for literally everything?

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This question is for Mark: why were Hollywood film directors sent out to document the war instead of journalists? As a journalist, do you think it had something to do with making us look better than we did during the war?

Also, did you get to talk to Garry Shandling in preparation for your Mike Nichols biography? I'm a huge fan of his.

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Interesting. Second question: could Pictures at a Revolution receive the documentary treatment someday?

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Will we ever get to see some kind of incarnation of your Marx brothers script? Or how about your movie about the Village People?

Also, I've been consuming Andy Kaufman books since seeing Man on the Moon. Huge fan of you guys.

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Johnny Carson was considered a great man but has been accused of ripping off everyone from Smothers brothers to Jonathan Winters. Also, he was the most anxious charismatic guy in show business.

He sounds like someone you guys would write about, no?