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Halo 3 still is the shit.

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I thought reddit was banned in china?

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I wish. she had a good life. She was always free. There’s a big area behind my house over a hill. Often, if I couldn’t see her I’d jump up and see just her ears over the crest of the hill. She always came home for supper and to go to bed. Car rides where her favourite. The only rule she ever broke was when my parents weren’t home she would nap on the couch, I always let her up though.

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Thank you. It was incredibly painful, I haven’t cried that hard since I was a child. Carrying her week old body into the vet felt like slow motion. I’m pretty sure I wailed for the whole place to hear. I buried her on her spot where she watched over us. She was free her whole life, we live outside the city so she was never on a lead until the end when she started wandering in her old age. She was never an overly cuddly dog but she was always guarding if we were near her. She wasn’t big but she had a big bark so the JW was never an issue but she alway stopped barking when we told her to. We’ve had her ever since she was found as a stray pup with her eyes barely open, we found her huddled in a pair of abandoned overalls in a winter parking lot in Labrador. Her name was Lucky.

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Hey. I had to put my 15 year old dog down two days ago. For the past 5 days I helped her do absolutely everything from stand up to drinking water. It’s been two weeks since I’ve gotten proper sleep which I thought I would get last night. I went to restart my regular exercise but I wound up pulling my right shoulder blade muscle which is always an uncomfortable injury. So I looks like I won’t be sleeping well for another few days while I recover from all that. What advice you got? Perfect timing for you AMA hahaha.