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Has anyone from Horse & Hound tried to interview you today?

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How are you treated on ship? Decent food, as in the same that the passengers get? Accommodations? Any relaxing off-hours activities, or are you constantly working the whole time?

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Sandy, BIG FAN here of Call of Cthulhu. My friends and I played it from the very first edition. We always thought it was such a great gaming system, with all actions based on percentages, instead of the oft-used D20 system.

  1. How did you feel when CoC went to a D20 system for a while there?

  2. Why do you think there's never been a good translation into film from any of the Mythos stories? Do we think Guillermo del Toro can save us if he ever get's his At the Mountains of Madness project off the ground?

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Wow, in all the years I've been at Reddit, I've never read a post that made me cry. What a special story and thanks for sharing it.