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Hey man! Good luck this week. This is less of a question and more of some shitty dark advice, but I'd advise you to spend these next two days relieving all of the stresses you can, so that when you drift under that anesthesia you aren't thinking about anything except how great it's going to be to wake up.

My thoughts are with you! Here's a question: do you game? Also, if you do, why do you game on a PC?

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Thanks for reporting on such an important issue. In your opinion, what is the role of the international community in this conflict? Has the international community fulfilled its role?

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Thank you so much for answering our questions!

Once the currently planned missions of research and study on the captured asteroid are completed, what will become of the asteroid? I assume that you won't be bringing it back to where you found it, but could it be used in a Deep Impact-esque mission, where the asteroid is dropped out of orbit and used to study deeper layers of the moon? Or will it remain permanently in orbit, for use of further study?

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Hi! I'm brimming with questions, but I suppose my biggest one is, what do you see as your most important role as a defector and a public figure?