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How does the path of totality change between eclipses? Is it pretty much random, or are some places on it more often than others?

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Coming up with an algorithm that tries to bluff bullshit words must be fun. The key is to make them believable. Like "armyclaw"

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I agree. I think it's because it is interesting subject matter that everyone has some familiarity with, but have never really thought deeply about. Paired with an OP who is doing a fantastic job answering follow-up questions and giving meaningful answers.

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How universal are the restrictions on animal testing? Are some countries much better than others?

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I wrote a data analysis programs to tell me the most common repetitive phrases

That is a great idea. Any chance you'll open source it? Would be interesting to run on classical literature.

Also, don't give up writing just because someone said mean things about your first 2000 words or whatever.