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I'm surprised you're getting so few questions about food. So two questions from a foodie.

I want your best dish, what is the easiest way to ask your server for it? I'll eat anything that is great. All I tend to get is 'What are you thinking about?', getting the specials reeled off to me again, or 'This basic dish is the most popular.'

What is the best thing that a restaurant has served you?

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Do you deal with many brewers making mead from honey? Because it is delicious.

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Hi Joel! Huge fan.

Have you considered a reward of a cardboard cutout of you and the bots for my TV? I would love one for some of the turkeys I watch, like "Jupiter Rising" and "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2".

Second question, if you were trapped on a desert island (or space station of love) alone and could only take one movie, what movie would it actually be?