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What safety measures are in place to keep things from going 'boom'?

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The US federal government already pays out enough in healh care reimbursement to cover everybody at the rates that other countries pay. How can we ratchet things down so that we can basically get everybody covered for that amount?

How much of our medical costs are for billing and dealing with insurance overhead?

What are we getting that say someone from Germany isn't getting?

As a personal note, the last time I was in the ER, the bill was $8000, which was knocked down to $1000 by the insurance company. With all of the tests they did on me, I think they lost money on me. When the insurance companies negotiate the prices, do they pay some sort of retainer to the hospital? Ie we will pay you $10,000,000 but you write off 80% of the bill?

What do you think of the Sherpaa plan available in New York?