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How are you advising clients with regard to trademark registration?

I practice IP law in California, and I have a client in the cannabis industry that is developing a brand and product lines. But with the USPTO not currently amenable to federal registrations for cannabis related G/S, we've had to get creative.

I'm curious to hear your strategies!

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Mr. Dr. Col. Aldrin,

Is there anything about the Apollo missions that is not often talked about but nevertheless very interesting that you can tell us? Perhaps a not-often-told story?

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What are some of the ways average people can help to maintain net neutrality and/or to reinforce the concept in our culture and laws?

I think people often feel that as individuals they are powerless to participate and make a difference, so I'm hoping you guys have some suggestions for people harboring those feelings.

Given current trajectories, how do you see net neutrality issues evolving over the next five years?

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I love Clio, and I also really appreciate that you guys are constantly adding new features. I'm one of those users that is constantly contacting your support people and suggesting ideas that would make my life a lot easier, and I understand you have an internal "voting" system that helps to determine what new features will take the highest priority for development and implementation.

Have you considered making a short list of features (say, top 5) publicly visible? I'd love to have a sense of what I can expect next.

Also, please give me something to do e-signing. Please.

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This mark is not yet registered, though it's basically what I would expect: no explicit reference to cannabis.

Same with this one.

aaand same here.

Once they submit their statements of use, they will have registrations for the goods/services as listed (which do not include anything marijuana based, but "close enough"). This is basically what I have been doing with my clients as well, and I think it's the best we can do right now.

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