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if abortion was banned, would that include all cases of rape, instances when it's medically determined the baby will not live through the pregnancy, or a mother's potential death while giving birth? what business does the federal or state government have protecting an unborn fetus inside of a grown woman who pays taxes and can make her own decisions about whether she's ready to have children?

also quite interested in your position on ending the DoE. will the state taxes be redistributed to fund public schools, or more broadly could you explain what would happen to a state's public schools if you cut federal funding?

thank you for doing this AMA, you seem to be fighting a good fight, i agree with many of your policies, and i wish you the best of luck in your campaign.

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i somehow ended up watching this film yesterday, and wasn't sure how i felt. then i realized you were the flat eric guy! and i think i get it now. keep on doin' what you're doin' ! thanks for the ama

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no way, fuck that! unused food scrap should be labeled with a date as to when it was bought and when it was thrown out, those who can't afford fresh food should be at least afforded the luxury of day-old+ food in dumpsters without having to worry about it killing them.

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have you been in any positive relationships recently? i could understand this affecting the way you view sex and relationships. thanks for doing this, keep spreading awareness !