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Thank you for answering my questions.

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Hello i have 3 questions.

1.on your website the state your stance on drugs.

"I support the federal legalization of marijuana. The Drug War was a failure. If the government can’t substantively defend why a drug ought to be illegal, it should be legal. Many—but not all—drugs should be decriminalized.

Can you expand on this? The war on drugs is intrinsically linked to our immigration issue. What are your thoughts on drugs apart from weed? Cocaine or opioids for example?

2.Your plan for education seems great i like the increased focus on life skills. What do you think of restricting government loans for college to only STEM fields that actually require the education? How do you plan to stop employers from just requiring a degree by default?

3.What are your opinions on gun control? Your website says:

I have no problem with law-abiding Americans owning firearms, as long as they have passed a background check.

What do you think would reduce gun violence and murders in general? Do you support universal background checks, assault weapon bans, magazine limits, licensing and mandatory training?

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Are you planning to do anthing special while you are visiting these countries?