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Hi, thanks for the AMA!

Has a cast member's head (or glove/shoe/something) ever fallen off while out in the park? How does WDW deal with that if it happens?

Also, can you talk about the process to learn to do Goofy's signature? I guess I've never compared them across multiple members but are the signatures standardized and do you have to have your ability to sign as your character tested in any way?

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First off, Thanks a lot for the AMA and the show. I started watching after Gunplay ran the wings of death and the show has just gotten better and better each year.

For Chris, what’s it gonna take for you to do an on-camera run of the wings of death? I know you’ve previously said that the time we get to interviewing you might mean the end of the show, but I think a lot of fans would love to learn more about you.

For Sean, the hoodies have become almost an iconic part of your look, and your host uniform as it were. Any conversation with clothing companies to get some brand exposure on the show by outfitting you in the newest hotness?

Thanks again guys I love the show.

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Hi Mr. Cameron, huge fan of your work!

Can you tell us the story of the coolest deep-sea creature you've ever encountered? Not necessarily the biggest, but the one you thought was the most amazing?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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I'm so glad to hear this! Funny Farm is one of my all-time favourite Comedies! So underrated.