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Yes and no. They tend to use an ORM sloppily which results in poorly optimized data access and performance. Which they tend to try and solve by throwing hardware at the problem.

Good NoSQL puts more work on the developers. But that requires discipline that many development teams are lacking.

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He really wanted numbers that backed your 2x claims. Usually when you're selling something you provide evidence to support your claims - that link was just a tutorial on one of many "low stress" plant training techniques.

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Any screen should be placed beneath the foliage ensuring that it's not blocking relevant light to begin with. A screen above the foliage is failing to train the plant and isn't beneficial.

Also it's made of plastic, so it is not indestructible...

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I honestly think you should re-evaluate your marketing on this. It's not a terrible invention, but you are overstating your claims on what it does - significantly.

Promising 2x the growth in half the space for example, is simply a claim that you cannot backup. You would know this if you had more experience with plants - specifically the plants in question.

Also, and I'm really just nitpicking here, but polycarbonate resin isn't indestructible either. Which wouldn't be a big deal honestly, if you said nearly-indestructible, or if you said "incredibly durable and impact resistant". The issue is that this is yet another hyperbolic claim not unlike the 2x the growth in 1/2 the space claim.