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Can you boost old memories at all? For example, you read a book before your accident that you could barely remember. If you re-read it yesterday would it at all bolster the old memory of the book?

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Do you fear going to bed at night, knowing that the last day is about to be lost? If so, how do you calm you self enough to sleep?

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How many pairs of pilots share each bird? Do each have their own or are they vying for time? How many hours do they get monthly/weekly of actual flying when Stateside?

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My plastic surgeon came highly recommended, and when I had a birth mark removed from my face cautioned not using Vitamin E, and instead gave out Dermatix Ultra or other silicone gel. His reasoning was that Vitamin often causes more problems than it fixes. Just something to do a bit of homework on, it could be wrong!

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You have a cool job. It's far before your time, but do you have any thoughts on the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche? Is there need for a leap forward in attach helicopter technology that the Apache platform cannot be upgraded to and are are Apaches showing their age in any way?