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Although I'm currently in a relationship, I'd like to ask a question that relates to my experiences.

I understand that women play an important role in dating by vetting potential partners, but I've also been on too many dates that have felt more like job interviews. Sometimes I feel on a date that counterintuitively this keeps me from figuring out if there is actually any chemistry. I usually just disengage a little when I get the vibe that things are a little too corporate. It is frustrating because I want to communicate that the date isn't fun, but I also want to tell the person I'm dating that I really want to get to know them better on a deeper personal level. But what happens is that I just kinda get less verbal as the date goes on because I'm not enjoying myself, and I actually end up not giving a good impression. So I'm dissatisfied because I didn't test chemistry and they are disappointed because I came off as aloof.

So how can I control the conversation better?

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To what extent is deforestation done by ranchers done in order to prevent depredation? I've done a little field work in jaguar conservation in brazil and most of the work is teaching ranchers techniques to use the natural habitat to their advantage. I feel it is a misconception that deforestation is necessary to provide suitable grazing lands.