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Two different things. He's serving food and drinks while naked. The other strips and dances for money.

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Benign only means it's not cancerous. Which means it won't travel to other places to your body. But that does not mean the tumor isn't aggressive and can do server damage to the area it's in. I had one that was was part of the lining of my brain right on top my optic nerve. I thought I just had sever neck pains for a few months. But started to develop speech problems, couldnt read, memory issues, etc. Then one morning the tumor shifted during the night. I woke up blind and cross eyed in my right eye. My tumor was so huge that it compressed my left side of my brain so much it pushed it over into my right side by almost an inch. Don't let the word benign fool you

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As a chordoid menigioma(lining of the brain) survivor myself I wanted to say congrats on a successful surgery. I woke up one morning cross eyed and blind in one eye. That's how we found mine. I just thought I did someonehing to my neck...I personally had to go through two 15 hour surgeries because it came back fast and hard. I then went through two months of proton radiation therapy along with being on the chemo pill. 6 years later I'm still doing two mri's a year and now on seizure meds because of post radiation damage. Since the radiation it hasn't grown more then 2mm. It can be scary and an overwhelming thing to go through. If you need to talk to anyone feel free to hit me up. People, employers, family sometimes just don't get what your going through

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You wrote this for you? I wrote this for you. Sorry, reddit has made me a terrible person. Sounds like I need to pick this up though.

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Well look at it this way. Its probably more well known then you would ever thought it would be and it's probably brightened a lot of people's lives. You yourself kn1ow where it came and the effect it had. It's not something that would have made you money. It is an awesome poem though. 🖒