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What do you think of the ketogenic diet? Do you think it is compatible with climate change since they encourage protein intake from meat rather than carbohydrate?

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I have read on the internet that Artic is the nest of many viruses. If those viruses spread on mankind, how are we supposed to deal with it, and can those viruse be deadly as cancer?

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How far are we from an efficient, hackproof DAO? (Decentralized autonomous organization)

Which project is the closest to a functional DAO?


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I want to be honest with you, Yoshiki, i probably consider the epitome of X-japan when Taiji was still here, both in charisma and technique. There were many reasons brought to his departure of the group and after all this time i don't know the truth

Why did Taiji left the group even though X-japan rised to perform to Tokyo Dome? Why leave at the peak of the group popularity?

Rest in Peace.

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thank you!