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Price for oil has been steadily rising at a stable rate for over a year now. We're now at around $60/bbl. In early 2016 and late 2015 it dropped below $30...

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How did you come to the amount of $15/hour? Is there an equation or something that comes up with that exact number?

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You nailed it. Unfortunately, a lot of people in urban areas simply don’t care about people in rural areas or their interests and struggles. Urban elitists tend to look down their nose at those outside the city limits. It’s sad really, people should spend serious time in both to understand the other.

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Not OP but I'm interested as well. I was just thinking about how tribes and others could potentially pool resources to privately purchase land. How they use it or how it applies to Reservation Law through the Federal Government is an interesting next step there. Depending on the state and tribe, you would think they may want to keep it private and away from the Federal Government's involvement. If history shows anything it's that Native Americans trusting the Federal Government has not boded well for the former in the past. May just want to keep it in tribe hands and keep them out of it completely. Great question.

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Why not clean, cheap, reliable, abundant natural gas?