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Thank you for checking out! I used React Native and React.

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Thank you for asking a great question! When I noticed that mental health features can help users on Goodnight Journal(online journal app that I have been running from 2013) then realized this may can help more people in the world who all struggle with this pandemic since the goal of my life is building a product that can help people's lives :) My favorite home cooked food 🤔 I miss everything my mom cooks but I have been craving for lasagna recently haha

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Happy was originally planned to be offered to Goodnight Journal(launched 2013) users but I decided to open it up for everyone since a lot of us struggle all together at this time around. Happy is free but Goodnight Journal has premium for some features. You can read about why there's premium on the About page.

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I would love to check out your app :)

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Thank you for the question! I tried a bunch of different apps and surprised how many meditation and mental health apps are out there. However, I noticed that most of them require at least 10 mins or more for me to consume the audio content and I often run out of patience trying to finish them. I wanted an app that you can use without reserving much of your time. That offers features that can be used in a short time period and still helps you feel better.