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I'm getting old unfortunately. Almost 30.

lol, made me spit out my coffee.

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I have a friend, early 30’s, whose always suffered from anxiety and it’s worse than ever now. What can I do to help them?

Just before Covid-19 they moved cross country back with their parents because they were overwhelmed (low paying dead-end job, couldn’t make expenses). COVID-19 just seems to have made things worse. Their schedule is flipped - up all night, sleep all day, drinks a lot, and are resigned to only being able to get another dead-end job. Some days you can talk to them, others you better get outta the way. This behavior has happened in the past and driven away every friend they’ve had.

What should I be doing to help them break the cycle and live a happy life?

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Yes! I’m curious about this too. Probiotics are so expensive. I’ve bought them before and after taking the whole bottle according to directions I haven’t been able to tell a difference. In fact, I’m doing this right now. I’m about done with the bottle and just can’t justify the $$$ for another months worth.

How much probiotic makes it thru your gut to your intestines & how long do you need to be ingesting before they get established in your gut? And if your stomach kills so much, why not open the pill and make an enema to introduce it to your intestines?

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I just found out the weekday live in care aides in my moms care home do not have health insurance. That’s so depressing, these people are fillipino, here on green cards and send $$ back home every month yet they can’t afford health care here.

Is this standard for the US?

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Thanks for the reply! I especially appreciate the script to follow when talking to them.