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Damn lawyers needing evidence to convict someone with first degree murder.

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Is there an easy, ethical way for me to get free pizza? Unethical way?

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I suppose the only damning point against the rebels is that they are racist. You only ever get to communicate them via brief surrender messages or impersonators.

To me it seemed like a commentary on war itself. When the guns are powered up, noone really has the time to think about who has the moral high ground; your captain and crew are just trying to survive. If that means burning people alive on the off chance that there could be some extra savlageable scrap, so be it.

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Thanks for all your work with planet money, it has improved my road trips and flights immensely.

Do you have a favorite episode?

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Hello Magnus,

What is your favorite sport? It was said that you enjoyed volleyball when you were in India for the recent world championship match. Congrats on being the new world champion by the way!

What is your favorite food? Any specific meal or nutrition you try to eat before big matches, or do you mainly try to stick to your usual routine?