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I wanted to start with a quick story: We had a custodian in my middle school that was always kind of quiet. My friends were pretty outgoing, and would try to engage him every once in awhile (just like we would teachers or anyone else). Well we went onto high school and whenever we had a day off school me and my friends would go to a local breakfast spot. Well one day we saw our custodian and his family there. We stopped and did a quick 15 second hello, and went on our way scarfing down on breakfast food. Well when it came time to pay, the waitress said that our custodian covered it. (mind you there was 8 teenage girls eating, not a tiny bill). We talk about it still how awesome the custodians are, and how amazing it was that he remembered us from a few years later.

Anyways so my question would be: Do you have any students that have made an impression? And if so, have you ever saw any students after they have moved on from elementary school?