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As an ex professional gamer who's been out for a few years so information may be inaccurate..

I don't know of any player who has gone from college to pro. Really if any player is good enough to go pro, they aren't going to waste their time playing on the mediocre college teams when they could be playing for 100's of thousands

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Hi, Im a retired (cough terrible cough) professional counterstrike player.

When I was playing esports in college had been a thing for only a couple of years and at really poor levels.

Have the facilities improved for the players? What are the players talent levels at? Back when I played most college teams were extremely mediocre... To the point they would have people on the team who didn't really understand how to play the game at a competitive level. Has that changed in recent years?

Ie: the Marquette league of legends team had silver players in their starting lineups the last time I looked into it.

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