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What's the most important thing you've learned during your time in Vietnam?

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What about the meaning of life? Did it make you see some things in other light? Did it change your perspective or beliefs?

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I assume you get a lot of hate for representing him, even though you're just doing your job. Still, why did you chose him? If I remember correctly his assets were frozen so your payment wasn't guaranteed. Surely there must be a reasoning behind your choice that makes it worth the hate. Is it the publicity?

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I absolutely agree, everyone deserves a defense. But not everyone gets it, do they? Surely not everyone that contacts you gets this chance. I don't know if just the fact that it's a challenge is enough, as I would think what this would to to my career on long term. It's a very risky choice and I was curious about what motivates you so strongly. I can only believe there's something more than just a challenge.

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Why are some humans more nocturnal and others more diurnal?