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glendarey5 karma

Hi Nina!

Saw and appreciated your zoom presentation with the Wilson Center.

What do you suggest for internal, domestic disinformation? It seems that shutting down conspiracy theories and other disinformation tactics edges on trampling first amendment rights in the US and civil discourse elsewhere, yet simultaneously troubles those two fundamentals for democracy?


glendarey3 karma

Thank you for responding! I like the idea of adding friction, especially as it seems to reinforce media literacy. Still, looking at second or beyond level effects so to say, could “adding friction” up (or not) be seen as partisan or the platforms attempting to accrue their own power, and thus is delegitimized? Or through persistence and repetition it is a manageable tactic?

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Thank you for responding!

While I agree better transparency and context is important, I’m cautious about adding friction. Implementing (or not in some cases) that tactic has the potential of becoming seen as partisan or accruing power to those platforms, yet the continual usage of it might add legitimacy. As in, will it work?