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Why did the Man Show end!? I miss its splendor and glory... and girls on trampolines.

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I'm sure your cat would love that. http://i.imgur.com/Pu9Ddtg.jpg

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If you don't have prospects for marriage, why not just get your life back by getting the castration? You've already lost 10 years. You're not getting younger. It makes me sad that your mind may be wasted waiting for something to help.

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That is tragic. I'm 22, and if I start suffering from this later in life, I'd probably just get the castration over with right away (after storing a vial of my semen, of course). My education/career will be more important to me throughout my life than getting my rocks off.

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What law, or area of the law, do you find the most detrimental to individual liberty in the USA? What would you do to correct it?