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What's your take on vaccinations?

I mean no snark, I honestly would like to know. I think you have a great idea but the push towards the unscientific 'natural' fallacy and the super gendered language makes me wonder if this is something I should be telling all my friends about, or to avoid.

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Thank you for the honest response my dear, I totally get how difficult it must be selling your vision to all kinds of moms, but I think you're doing great. I'm expecting baby #3 and will def be having your site be our 'registry' as the help needed is so much more important than the stuff I don't need. It's a real problem when you live in tiny apartments (I'm in NYC) so I'll share your site with all my parent friends.

Thanks again, and well done on making a very cool and necessary site for parents.

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We'd love to have you in New York, too!