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When we were growing up, we often heard things like sex creates a permanent bond. Another thing we commonly heard was you give a piece of yourself away. Those statements can be challenging to overcome later in life.

This 100.0%. Probably one of the most damaging things you can convince someone of is that they're inherently defined by their sexual relationships (or lack thereof).

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My god. Some of these offenses deserve serious jail time. If they were committed on voice services (ie. wire tapping phone calls to listen in for pro-labor discussions) people would be sent to prison, at least in Canada.

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It's so sad.

I grew up with loving, liberal parents who gave no fucks. They were honest and realistic from the day I started asking questions. It was only later in life I discovered that this wasn't really the norm. :(

My ex gf came from a strict religious household and we had to keep our relationship a secret lest she (no joke) lose her inheritance. It was my first experience with religion and fucking soul crushing. We managed to make it work for a while (and even talked about "fuck the inheritence.. we can make our own way"), but in the end, for her it would mean essentially losing most of her family, being the "town whore" (her words). Really, really sucked.

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Same. I've always wondered this as well.

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I might even be so bold as to make the claim, and I know this will be controversial, but I wonder if the strategy is to escort people into patterns of thinking that could be reasonably be described as illness. That might be a really strong claim, but it's something that I wonder.

Something, something.. religion. :/

I think you're right though and it's terrifying.