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I had a friend who visited Ireland a few years ago, she watched an American go up and drunkenly order two Irish-car-bombs. The bartender smiled back at him and said "Two 9/11s coming up!"

Seems fair to me.

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Denver CO here. My wife went in last night for her first shot. She almost got rejected.

For background: My wife is a veterinarian. A couple weeks back they announced they were allowing vets to administer the vaccine. They didn't, however, open up vaccines to the DVMs. The CVMA basically came out with "da fuq? We are not endorsing any of our docs to do this until they can be protected, as you are basically turning them into frontline workers even more than they already are..."

They corrected that and moved vets up to group 1c or whatever they are on right now. Last week on Thursday one of her coworkers, an ER specialist, got rejected at the vaccine site. Even though she had her proof of permission and unique ID code, they refused to vaccinate her. They didn't believe she was eligible and she couldn't convince them they were wrong. So, she's back at work interfacing with clients bringing in animals through the emergency service, still unprotected. She's not happy.

My wife went in, and the same thing very nearly happened to her. They finally accepted her, after she had to give her unique ID code, her permission letter, and the communications coming from her management. They weren't happy, but stuck her. Huge load off my mind, because she is underlying health issue high risk on top of all her job interaction with clients. We've been terrified of her getting infected, as they've had several outbreaks in her hospital over the last 6 months.

Given how this has all been going, the failure to give vaccines to people cleared to administer them, and then denying some of the people trying to get them when they were made eligible has completely soured all the vets I know on helping out. They don't feel like it would be safe, given how piss poor the communication and coordination has been.

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How likely do you think it would be to get something up there with enough Delta-V to stop and hang around the Pluto system for a while?

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I just mailed a computer to my dad. It's boxed up in the box the computer case came in, in the foam with additional bubble wrap around the sides. What's the chances it makes it there in once piece? Weighs about 40lbs all total.