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Do you enjoy begging for money with Patreon?

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If you’re graduating from a university, then why did you say “from university” instead of “from a university”?

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Since 2011, around 400,000 to 500,000 Syrians are said to have been killed in the war (roughly 2% of the population).

Inside the USA, during that same time, there were appx. 62,000 homicides committed using firearms, and about 129,000 suicides with firearms, even though we have no civil war. Among those deaths were scores of mass shootings at schools and churches, almost none of which were considered acts of terrorism by the US government.

I’m not trying to compare the USA to Syria, but I just wanted to ask you, what do you think about that?

Also, Christians in the USA are generally opposed to laws that would restrict gun ownership in any way. As a Christian, what do you think of that?

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What is your opinion of electronic music and hip hop?