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This is crazy to me. I got fucked because of an operation, among a cascade of other shit. I had to file bankruptcy. I got all my debts cleared, which legitimately saved my life based on my circumstances. I’m getting bills 8 months after the operation, and 2 months after discharge. So instead of starting from 0, I’m starting back in the negative, in a sense where I was pre-filing.

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History has shown that change is usually started at home, by local people, from within. That there's a "straw that broke the camel's back moment" and people revolt and fight for their own freedoms, security, and independence. Sometimes this is done peacefully, but it often necessitates violence. In other words: freedom is taken, not given.

Do you think that there will ever be a time when Mexicans revolt against the cartels and their complicit government to create a safe, secure, and prosperous homeland? Is there any hope of change happening if people flee the country in high numbers, often losing their best and brightest -- those who are most capable and prepared to help build a modern nation?

It seems to me that, so long as there's always the option of picking up and leaving to another country, there will never be that "French Revolution" spark necessary to remove their oppressors from power.


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Gangs travel. That's normal. MS13 is one of many players in the game, most of which originated in Mexico.

Russian, Italian, Chinese etc. organized crime started in their respective countries and spread far and wide.

So to say that just because one notable hand started in the US and moved south is reason for Mexicans not to revolt is silly.

Otherwise, what else would you expect them to do? Wait for their government to figure shit out? Hope that the police stop taking hush money? Ask for foreign intervention (because that always works so well)? Wait till everyone in the country flees abroad?

To me, there is only a single feasible solution. I would hope for a peaceful resolution, but I frankly don't see that happening.

The first thing that could be done -- globally, and not just in Mexico -- is the legalization of minor drugs and decriminalization of major drugs. Aside from that, I see no other solution to the problem other than Mexicans taking the future of their country into their own hands.

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Yeah I remember seeing a short documentary about it. It seemed to be fairly effective in creating local security and protection. That's when it sort of clicked in me, "Maybe that's the solution."

The issue is likely that, as I imagine, most Mexicans do not own arms -- at least not anything powerful enough to fight what is effectively a marco military.

Mexico is a prime example of why I, even as a pretty devoted liberal, believe in the 2nd Amendment in the US. I know that the concept of needing personal firearms to defend against something like a corrupt government or drug cartels in incomprehensible, but the fact is that our societies -- even the most stable -- are tenuous and fragile.

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I've solo-traveled Norway, Japan, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, India, Hungary, Italy, just off the top of my head.

Also a bunch of States.

Hard to recommend a place without knowing the person. Certainly, some destinations are a little "easier" than others (e.g. Slovenia > India).

But it really is a great experience. My memories of traveling those places alone are just as great as - and sometimes better than - traveling with friends, family, the wife.

Of course, shared experiences are always the best. And I also have a shit memory, so I really on others for recalling information and events ;)