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I have significant federal loans which I'm staying afloat with IBR payments. However, my wife has a huge amount of private (North of $100k) as well as federal loans. She is still in school for her doctorate but we have significant anxiety over our future ability to pay for her loans, especially the private loans.

The house is in my name only but the car is in her name. I think a vehicle is exempt during bankruptcy in Maryland but I'm not positive.

Questions: If we aren't going to need her credit for the next 7 years what downsides should we be aware of if she files for bankruptcy?

Will her private loans be dissolved or just reduced?

Is there any effect at all on federal loans?

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  • Government organizations at any level (federal, state, local, or tribal)

  • Not-for-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

  • Other types of not-for-profit organizations that provide certain types of qualifying public services


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We are not currently borrowing. These are loans she acquired in undergraduate that have ballooned with interest. She currently has a scholarship for her doctorate but we can't afford to make payments as she isn't making any money.

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It is in a STEM field. The loans were originally under $75k in principle.

She has pretty good job prospects but not sure it can outweigh the impending payments. Wondering about our options.

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I only have the info from that site but I don't think contractors qualify for anything as you alluded to...