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Hi. I am a girl. I've read Neil's book and lots of other PUA stuff over the past 12 years. I think the problem is that it comes across as inauthentic. People generally think interacting with someone who isn't "being themselves" is a waste of time, because god knows what will happen if they do start being authentic at some point. I also think that it makes women feel like objects and a simple system to "game," instead of complex, worthwhile people. The fact there is so much emphasis on scoring sex doesn't help the perception.

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I think that's true to a point. But I don't see why men wouldn't want to apply those kinds of positive changes to their entire lives and not just base them on women. It's almost as if the entire thing is focused on bettering yourself, not for yourself, but for what you can get out of women.

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I agree with your last point and think it's really sad.

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How common was it to see women who were deeply, deeply uncomfortable with a naked man gyrating all around them? You said you went on outcalls, so I am assuming parties and not just strip clubs.

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I think you are great. When can we have brunch again?