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Will there be any efforts on increasing the maximum amount of THC in edibles? I feel like people are still going to the “unlicensed” or grey area shops that have larger quantities of THC. Like, if I can get a $25 bar with 200mg, I would get that over a $7 10mg bar.

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Edited to specify mg not g because that would be a lot of weed otherwise!

That’s definitely hopefully! I prefer edibles over other methods as I’ve never been a fan of smoking or inhaling methods.

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Dude, how the hell did you get a Toronto-Vancouver via rail ticket for $200!?!? I just looked it up, and it says it would be $600.....Hell, it would cost me around $180 for Toronto-Ottawa roundtrip, when I'd come home from school last year....TELL ME OUR SECRETS!

How did you like Toronto, by the way? Lived here all my life and still haven't seen half the city.