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Why is there such a huge narrative gap between getting married and having two kids? Will you release DLC where octodad delivers a baby?

*blub of fatherly excitement *

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I remember playing the original game a few years back and the controls were pretty painful. The new multitouch controls for the trackpad are beautifully simple and work really well for the game. Where did you get the idea for the innovative controls?

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how did /u/seth1389 make all those bubble noises? did he use his butt?

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Cool! I read your blog a ton! My CV, letters of interest, etc skills have dramatically increased based on your writing and suggestions.

Here are my questions.

What are your opinions on the experimental sort of schools and programs happening in the areas of philosophy and media studies. I'm thinking of the European Graduate School and the New Centre for Research and Practice. Are they interesting experiments for higher education or just distractions?


Are there any strategies for turning an adjunct position into a full time position? I've been adjuncting for a bit at a rather small liberal arts institution and there is a possible opening in the future for a TT position. I'll apply (obviously), but how can I get faculty and admins to see me as more than just that guy who adjuncts?