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same here, a no longer used account was hacked at the end of BC. over 24.000 gold, another 30.000 from grey loot and incredible amounts of blue and green loot from my palading farming heroic ramparts for at least 2 weeks were found in my mailbox :D i was so fucking rich :D

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had that stuff when i got my wisdom teeth removed.

worked like a charm, even on a low dose against the pain, but fucked my circulation up really bad (which is a common side effect).

i think one of the biggest problems of oxy is, that it's too big of a gun for many problems. people should be given something much less aggressive instead of a low dose of oxy to deal with simple, mostly temporary pain.

If that doesn't work well, bring out the bigger guns.

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sex is more than just PIV

if you can get turned on, you can have satisfying sex. it might be different from what porn shows, but porn has very little to do with reality anyway.

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is there a way to find out which region could use more relays ?

also, is there a list of companies that let you rent a server for a TOR relay without bitching about it (and maybe even let you rent it anonymously ?)

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how strong are you? what are everyday tasks you can do? what's too much?