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Your image site is the Google in a world of Yahoos.

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The therapist went on to say that Eric was bright and would do great things.

"But I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible! Yes. But great. "

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You are a formatting GOD!

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Yup I was one of those kids, well mine was a duster and we never actually called ourselves "The trench coat mafia" or anything, but you get the point. We were angsty teenaged goths. We were very seriously bullied, I remember being shoved in trashcans, having my notebooks for classes stolen (I actually failed P.E. because of this), my friend covered in glitter so that they could call us Gay all day, etc. My friends and I used to plan out things very similar to the columbine massacre starting about a year before it happened. But we never would have done anything, or so I thought.

About a year after columbine one of my my former "trench coat friends" (although he never wore a trench coat actually) started bringing a gun to school and keeping it in his locker. He told us all about it and apparently someone leaked it to a faculty member. The rest of us had discovered DnD and World of Darkness where we still played out the massacre fantasies. That was the last time I talked to him. He had two handguns, a list of kill and save, two partially constructed pipe-bombs, a can of lighter fluid and a couple of empty Perrier bottles (I assume he was planning on making Molotov cocktails), but one of my friends took everything out except for the guns before they got to it.

If it were not for people like OP holding the Police responsible for inaction they probably would not have taken this seriously. I am sad with over reactions too so luckily he was just taken out of school sent to juvie for a couple of years and had to go to therapy or something. The whole thing was very hush hush and no one other than my group of friends and the faculty really new about it. I remember actually being pissed at the school for ruining what I felt was just retribution, or expression or something like that. It was actually so low key I forgot about most of it myself until now. When I think back I think, "Wait we never really got that far did we?".

They hired a full time security team at my school and gave us several lectures on bullying. You never would have thought we were a school that needed it. This was in a nationally accredited school in "the safest city in America" But we did. If it were not for people like OP trying to straighten out the facts that the police and the media, (not blaming the reporters, just the nature of U.S. news) I don't think we would have learned much from columbine at all. Seriously, thank you!

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God dammit Nessie, we ain't gunna give you no tree fiddy!