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I'm on the bone marrow registry in the UK, so in theory could get called up at anytime, so I have a few questions:

  • Does donating bone marrow hurt? What is the sensation like? If there is pain how long does it last for?

  • How long in total were you in hospital for?

  • How many days in total did you have to take off work?

  • Are you sore for some time after the procedure, if so for how long?

  • Do you feel exactly the same as you did before you donated bone marrow?

  • Do you get to find out what your bone marrow will be used for, or even who it is being donated to (I presume that latter would only be if the person receiving the donation was happy for the donor to know who they were).

  • And lastly would you say it was worth going through with and if so why?

Thank you in advance if you get around to answering my questions - the world needs more people like you!

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Who was the best black?

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Thanks for the answers, I really appreciate it, I’m already signed up for bone marrow through the NHS, I presume it’s the same thing but I’ll check, thanks for allaying some of my concerns, if I ever get the chance to donate I will.

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Brilliant, thanks for this, it’s good to get someone else’s first hand account of what happens, and that it was so similar to OP’s is reassuring. I’m definitely going to do it if I get the chance, hopefully I’m a match with someone who needs it! Thanks again.

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Is there a gift shop?